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The BOLD foundation is without question the most essential stage of the BOLD experience. Problems, mistakes, and bad decisions on the mountain can almost always be traced back to the level of preparation of the team. As a result, BOLD emphasizes the development of a foundation for outdoor recreation. Throughout the year, BOLD leads weekly workouts and holds outdoor education sessions to prepare for Cornerstone and Keystone trips. 


  • Safety Planning – Safety and risk occupy opposite ends of the same spectrum.  As BOLD participants move down the spectrum from safety to higher risk activities, the level of safety planning must increase concomitantly.


  • Outdoor Skills – BOLD emphasizes basic outdoor skills like navigation, basic first aid and how to choose the correct gear.  These simple skills can improve trip efficiency and save lives.

  • Leadership – Because of the inherent risks of outdoor activities, decisions carry more gravity.  This gives BOLD participants a more raw and impactful leadership opportunity.  Leadership skills learned outside can be transferred back into the office and at home.


  • Interdependence – BOLD activities are group activities by design.  Every individual has unique strengths, and a diverse, balanced team is more likely to succeed.  BOLD interdependent approach promotes clear division of responsibilities, personal accountability, and teamwork. 


  • Drive – The BOLD experience challenges the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—pushing personal limits to reach new highs. Foundation emphasizes intense physical and mental preparation, as well as introspection and goal setting.

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