BOLD Fellows

Leadership Structure

BOLD is operated by eight Fellows from three Duke graduate student programs. The Fellowship is guided by a President and is otherwise operated as a flat, entrepreneurial organization. Each Keystone expedition team is supported by one Associate Fellow.  Profiles of each Fellow and Associate Fellow can be found below.

BOLD Fellows_2014

The eight BOLD Fellows of 2013-2014.

Kirsten Hagfors is completing her third year at both Fuqua and the Nicholas School. Kirsten grew up loving the outdoors in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. This is her third extreme ascent attempt, having participated in (and led teams with) BOLD since 2010. Kirsten is passionate about personal development and teamwork.

Jonathan Crimins is completing his second year at Fuqua. Jonathan originally hails from Massachusetts, where frequent skiing, hiking, and cycling trips to New Hampshire and greater New England fueled his interest in being outdoors “well and often.” He climbed Pico de Orizaba with the BOLD crew last year and gets his local kicks racing on the Duke Cycling Team. He is more likely to be seen at 6000m on Nevado Chachani in Peru than the Tour de France any time soon.

Michael Bruno is completing his second year at Fuqua and is putting his concentration in Leadership and Ethics to use by structuring BOLD’s leadership curriculum. Last year Michael converted his passion for endurance racing into his first extreme altitude accent with the BOLD crew. Hooked by the transformational experience, he is leading an expedition team on this year’s trip to Peru.

Jesse Johnson is completing his second year at the Nicholas School, where he is studying energy economics and forestry. Jesse grew up on the frozen plains of North Dakota and discovered his love of mountains in Vermont. He caught the peak-bagging bug after climbing Orizaba with BOLD in 2012. When he’s not leading BOLDers up the bleachers at Duke’s stadium, Jesse can usually be found running forest trails around Durham.
Jack Beuttell is completing a joint degree program with the Fuqua School of Business and Nicholas School of the Environment. As a Florida native, his mountaineering repertoire includes the 500-mile Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Chachani in Peru. He will be leading a 12 BOLDer Team with Brian Van Winkle to the summit of Pico de Orizaba in Dec. 2013. Jack served as an Associate Fellow in 2012 and currently serves as BOLD President.
Bernardo Urdaneta is completing his second year at Fuqua. Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Bernardo developed his love for the outdoors in the woods of Pennsylvania as an exchange student. One of his most memorable experiences is hiking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 450-mile pilgrimage route from the Spanish Pyrenees to Galicia. Bernardo was recently bitten by the Shackleton adventure bug and cannot wait to make his first ascent above 6,000 m with his fellow BOLDers.
Andrew Dietrich is an alumni of both Fuqua and the Nicholas School and graduated in May 2013. He is the founder of BOLD (WILD) and continues to be an incredible asset to the team. He spent many of his summers hiking the Rockies in Colorado and has trekked in Ecuador, Mexico and Tanzania. He believes wilderness adventures build teams, develop leaders, and make for some unforgettable experiences. Andrew lives in Boulder, Colorado.
Kat Fraser is an alumni of the Nicholas School of the Environment and graduated in May 2013. She is a founding fellow of BOLD (WILD). She spent a few years fending off snakes in the Panamanian jungles before graduate school and got involved with BOLD to share her love of outdoor adventure and leadership development with her classmates at Duke. Kat also enjoys cycling, bike touring, rock climbing, and of course, climbing volcanoes. Kat lives in San Francisco, California.
Tripp Hyde is an alumni of the Pratt School of Engineering and the Nicholas School and graduated in May 2013. He is a founding fellow of BOLD (WILD). He has substantial technical outdoor experience and enjoys helping to teach others about his passions: climbing, mountain biking and skiing. Tripp lives in San Francisco, California.
Corinne Melville  is an alumni of both Fuqua and the Nicholas School and graduated in May 2013. She is a founding fellow of BOLD (WILD). She loved the physical and mental challenge of reaching new heights with a team focused on success. Corinne lives in New York City, New York.